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The Hyde Group plays a key role in supporting its customers’ development programmes through the provision of Design For Manufacture services and production of development and test parts.

Early engagement can significantly reduce manufacture risk and help underpin future production strategies. Our work include the production of test pieces to underpin manufacture programs, 3D models to support assembly trials, and preparation of first of type components.

This work is of significant value when novel or complex fabrication, machining or treatment process are required, particularly when repeatability is key. Our involvement can also help drive cost out of products by challenging fundamental requirements and designed features.

Examples of our work include:

  • 3, 5 and 7 axis machining of engine components to demonstrate viability of design and manufacturing process

  • Production of first of type components to confirm repeatability of manufacture process

  • Production of weld test pieces to underpin weld processes with post weld NDT

  • Demonstration of VFM through machine from solid process in preference to welded components

  • Tooling development to support complex manufacturing requirements.

Hyde Group manufacturing engineers are available to support clients at any stage of the production process and our breadth of capability and experience allows us to provide advice and support to a very wide range of manufacturing issues.

Case Study

Fuel transportation and storage containers

Fuel transportation and storage containers