For over 50 years, the Hyde Group has offered a comprehensive and secure manufacturing service with multiple well-equipped facilities and an on-going continuous improvement policy. Our 20+ specialist manufacturing facilities form a complete supply chain enabling us to act as a true one-stop shop.

Additive Technologies

Combining our additive manufacturing expertise in metallic and non-metallic systems with our knowledge of aerospace constraints and requirements, has allowed us to offer a design and manufacture capability demonstrating considerable weight saving opportunities on non-critical aircraft parts.  We also offer a rapid prototyping service producing functional prototypes in a faster and more cost-effective way.

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Machining, Turning & Thread Rolling

We are at the forefront of machining complex, high-value components and have one of the largest capacities in the UK, capable of working with hard, soft and exotic metals.  Using our advanced 7 axis machining capability, we can provide large capacity turning, including complex mill/turn components.  Automated handling and driven tooling allow for the turning of small parts and expertise extends from small bushes and nuts to landing gear components and 50-ton thread rolling.

Fabrication and Welding

We’re specialists in sheet metal fabrication and welded assemblies, pipe assemblies, non-destructive testing and drop hammer pressings in the aerospace industry.

We have fabrication capability from small sheet metal components, pneumatic pipe bending and highly complex welded structures.

Our comprehensive facilities enable the welding of metals such as stainless and carbon steel, aluminium and titanium, closely monitored with Penetrant Flaw Detection, X-ray inspection and pressure testing.


Coatings and Treatments

We have a dedicated laboratory and technical team providing fully automated penetrant inspection, chromic acid and chromate conversion, together with tartaric sulphuric anodising.  Semi-automated chromic acid anodising is available, as is on-site salt spray and humidity corrosion testing.  We also offer spray and bake paint booth facilities for large components, electronic paint colour, sheen spectrometer testing and zinc deposition using electric arc spray method.

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Our experience ranges from the assembly of aircraft gear ribs and nose cones to complete mass spectrometers for the scientific industry.

We operate dedicated assembly facilities with isolated build floors and temperature-controlled environments. Large-scale assembly capabilities are complemented with clean rooms at class 100,000, 10,000 and 100.  Inspection, testing and installation services are completed in temperature-controlled inspection departments using laser trackers, coordination measuring machines, on-machine verification and Faro inspection arms.  We also operate test rigs for research and development, testing and operator training.