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The Hyde Group has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of test rigs and vehicles and our test rig solutions support the gas turbine, airframe, space, nuclear, marine and sub-sea sectors.

We specialise in:

  • High temperature/pressure test rigs and equipment

  • High speed rotating machinery and test equipment

  • Actuation rigs and test structures

  • Impact and cycle test rigs and equipment

  • Fan blade development equipment design, including fan rigs for aero performance assessment

  • Stiffness-tuned structures for ground testing

  • Composite materials/lightweight engine intakes design

  • Turbine rigs design

  • Compressor rigs design

  • Fire and environmental test rigs

  • Test equipment and components for test

  • Pressure testing and analysis.

Case Studies

Landing gear test rigs

Landing gear test rigs

Vitrification crane - Sellafield

Vitrification crane - Sellafield