Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Hyde Group Holdings Ltd. (HGH) is committed to the promotion of operating within an ethical framework for all its spheres of Influence and within all its associated companies. To this end, HGH provides all its companies with an Ethics Policy and a discreet set of Codes of Practice which is designed to provide the framework that supports this policy.

The HGH Ethics Policy has three main areas of concern:

  • promotion of human rights

  • environmental consideration

  • working against corruption.

Promotion of human rights

HGH promote the upholding of human rights in two spheres of influence:

(a) In the workplace:

  • by providing safe and healthy working conditions by the application of UK Law

  • by guaranteeing freedom of association

  • by ensuring non-discrimination in personnel practices by the application of UK Law

  • by ensuring that we do not use directly or indirectly forced labour, child labour and uphold the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act in respect of our companies and within our supply chain, and

(b) In the community:

  • by preventing the forcible displacement of individuals, groups or communities

  • by working to protect the economic livelihood of local communities

  • by contributing to the public debate. Companies interact with appropriate levels of the UK government. We, therefore, have the right and responsibility to express their views on matters that affect our operations, employees, customers and the communities of which we are a part.

Environmental consideration

HGH supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and applies a risk analysis protocol to any practices arising from aspects of our business that impact on the environment.

We strive to achieve sustainable development, economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity as the main drivers to our bottom line.

HGH is committed to the evaluation of new technology to define the benefits of implementation and/or use of environmentally friendly new technologies wherever possible.

Working against corruption

HGH work against corruption in all its forms including extortion and bribery. The use of nominal gifts such as marketing materials is seen as an acceptable practice, however, the use of cash or items that could be considered as an inducement will neither be accepted by its employees nor offered to influence the choices of others in the companies favour. HGH also recognises the solicitation to induce bribery or corruption is an unethical practice and must not be used within the sphere of influence of our company.